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Cozy with FREE Pink Stars Bed Mat

Cozy with FREE Pink Stars Bed Mat

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Attention all pet lovers! Discover the serene haven your fur babies have been dreaming of with our dark cozy calming pet den beds. Ideal for both cats and dogs, these den beds are more than just a comfy spot; they're a retreat from the world's hustle and bustle, offering anti-anxiety benefits and a soothing sanctuary.

✦ Includes:
· Portable Cozy den bed
· Standard Gray Plush pad
· Carrying case for den
· FREE bonus plush pad limited quantity

Crafted for comfort, our Cozy den beds are made with certified non-toxic fabric, ensuring a safe haven for your pet's rest. The bed's black color mimics the protective dens in the wild, providing an environment that pets find instinctively soothing.

✦ Features:
• Tranquil, calming pet den for true relaxation
• Dark and distraction-free, perfect for anxiety relief
• Includes a removable plush pad for added comfort
• Accommodates pets up to ~25 lbs
• Size folded in bag: ~13" diameter
• Size open: 22" wide x 18" deep x 16" tall
• Fits up to a 22" x 18" pet bed
• Portable w/carrying cases – easy to set up pet house you can take anywhere
• Adjustable front drapes & mesh window with exterior flap cover for preferred comfort
• Designed exclusively by zDen for the finest pet luxury

We're all about enhancing the quality of life for our four-legged friends. That's why our pet beds go beyond mere comfort – they play a crucial role in promoting pet health and wellness. Every detail is designed with your pet's happiness and relaxation in mind.

Perfect for pet owners who prioritize their pet's mental and physical well-being, our Cozy's are a must-have addition to your collection of high-quality pet supplies. Treat your pet to the ultimate in relaxation and watch as they embrace their new favorite spot with purrs of contentment and joyful tail wags!

*Note: Intended for pet use only. Beds not included.
*Ships within USA only

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