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zDen Pets Cozy Original

zDen Pets Cozy Original

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Pet Enthusiasts, Take Note! Unveil the ultimate comfort zone for your beloved pets with our dark cozy calming pet den beds. Tailored for both feline friends and canine companions, these beds offer more than just coziness – they're a serene hideaway from everyday noise and chaos, providing a peaceful, anxiety-reducing space.

Crafted from the finest materials, each Cozy promises durability and endless nights of serene sleep, whether at home or on the go, just add your pet's bed or use the included plush pad. Its dark color is inspired by the serene shelters of wildlife, offering pets a familiar, comforting space to unwind and relax.

✦ Includes:
• Portable Cozy den bed
• Standard Gray plush pad
• Carrying case

✦ Highlights:
• A serene, calming den, ideal for stress relief
• Dark, undisturbed setting, perfect for easing anxiety
• Comes with a removable plush pad for peak comfort
• Suitable for pets up to ~25 lbs
• Size folded in bag: ~13" diameter
• Size open: 22" wide x 18" deep x 16" tall
• Fits a pet bed up to 22" x 18"
• Travel-friendly with a portable case – a movable haven for your pet
• Customizable front drapes & mesh window for tailored comfort
• Exclusively designed by zDen, setting the standard in pet luxury

Our mission is to uplift the lives of pets. These beds are more than a comfort zone – they contribute significantly to pet health and well-being. Meticulously designed, they guarantee your pet's joy and comfort.

Ideal for pet owners who value their pets' emotional and physical health, our Cozy's are an essential addition to your premium pet care arsenal. Gift your pet this haven of relaxation and delight in their response – from blissful purrs to happy tail wags!

*Note: Intended for pet use only. Beds not included.
*Ships within USA only

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